MAG’NETIK For Everyone – 50 ml


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MAG’NETIK is a new line of products based in an exclusive active ingredient named PHEROFEEL (TM). PHEROFEEL (TM) is the answer to an increasing demand of new products based in pheromones that intensify physical attraction and increase sexual desire.

Created with vegetal ingredients and ayurvedic medicinal plants, PHEROFEEL (TM) For Him and PHEROFEEL (TM) For Her are a combination of active ingredients, designed with the goal of increasing the sensation of attraction and sexual arousal, by 1) acting as an enhancer for the production of Androstadienone, a male pheromone, and 2) emulating female pheromones of the Copulin type.
PHEROFEEL (TM) is a trademark by NUEI Cosmetics of the Night and cannot be found in other products.


MAG’NETIK For Everyone is a non-binary perfume with PHEROFEEL (TM). A genderless fragrance with all the active ingredients of PHEROFEEL (TM) that intensify physical attraction and desire. A non- binary perfume for everyday use because: who said fragrances had to have a gender? A perfume for those who reject labels.

With hints of fresh citrus such as lime and bergamot, floral notes of lily, jasmine or freesia, complemented by a soft woody point of vetiver and moss. A fresh perfume, perfect for any occasion and designed for seduction without labels.

What makes it different…
“MAG’NETIK for everyone is the only non-binary cologne on the market that includes PHEROFEEL (TM) for him and PHEROFEEL (TM) for her, exclusive by NUEI”. A scent for her, for him and for them.

“Lasting persistence: MAG’NETIK concentration of natural ingredients combined with PHEROFEEL (TM) increases persistence of the perfume when applied to skin.”

How to use: Spray twice on skin or hair.

  • With PHEROFEELTM For him and PHEROFEELTM For Her, exclusive by NUEI
  • Apply with the goal to increase attractiveness and desire
  • Long persistence on skin.
  • Genderless seductive aroma
  • Pareben-free, sugar-free, gluten-free.
Weight 188.00 g
Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm



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